I am pleased to announce that Junior Academy will be playing Ukulele this year!  We received 25 of these little guys from Donors Choose.  I am asking that each JA music student bring a $5.00 materials fee to cover the cost of strings, tuners and general maintenance.

Ukulele in the Classroom is a methodical approach to developing musicianship skills in a range of learning environments including elementary and middle school classes, interest groups, continuing education classes, summer camps and private study.
The series features over seventy-five carefully crafted arrangements of traditional music from around the world, works by great classical composers and popular songs, each reinforcing elements of an ever-expanding skill set.
Above all, Ukulele in the Classroom is intended to engage students in a process that develops authentic musicianship and positive attitudes toward music.


  1. We have a Ukelele at home - wonderful! Now if we only knew how to tune it...

    1. Hi Kate,
      Here's a uke tuning website. GCEA are the notes, from top to bottom.

      Have fun!
      Ms. Baker