Meghan Baker started her musical training at age five when she began studying piano. Later, she added the guitar and choir to her musical portfolio. Inspired by one of her music teachers in middle school, Ms. Baker began writing her own music and she has been the featured singer/songwriter at many shows and has recorded several albums.
Ms. Baker continued her musical education at San Francisco State University where she studied under the direction of Wendell Hanna, who specializes in the Orff Schulwerk technique. Ms. Baker is versed in several musical training techniques. She has put her training in practice leading instruction in musical theory, music history and choir with middle school students in San Francisco and Oakland.
Ms. Baker has always made music a core component of her life and she hopes to share her passion for music with the students at Thomas Edison Charter Academy. She tailors her classes to the interests of her students while using a strong foundation of the Orff Schulwerk method for teaching in grades K-3, recorders for 4th and 5th grade and ukelele for 6th-8th graders. Her goal is to enrich student lives with a thriving appreciation for music that helps them build community, neural connections with other subject matter and the universal cultural connection to a vast and varied art form.

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